Ateraverse ’24: AI in Action

A motion design system with animated elements and motion videos for an online virtual event.
Atera's creative team asked me to help out and create assets to be used at their annual online event, including an opening sequence, a full explainer video, titles, supers, logo animation and other motion bits, based on creative concepts developed at Atera’s in-house studio.

Creating the opening sequence was hella fun. I was provided with a short script and a pretty simple brief which only included a pink-ish sphere element and a font.
I love me a condensed brief that sends me into creative exploration to flesh out as many playful ideas as I can. Even though a tiny wiggle room could be frustrating sometimes I think that it's a pretty good exercise and there’s a lot to learn from it.

For the ticketing process explainer video I had to cover a lot of animation ground in a short time that included many interference screens with very little to no graphic complexity, besides the AI stars icon. I decided to use this icon as an anchor for the video, giving it an extra dimension and material - which then led to extruding other UI elements and finding the excitement between the 2D and 3D worlds. Some extra filters and intense keyframe treatment amped up the entire vibe and there you have it.

Selected storyboard frames:

Pop Up Elements:

Thanks to ATERA's creative team:
Ira Vasilyeva - Brand Design
Ronny yitzhaki - Production
Yakov Gorbulsky - Concept
Joshua Plit - Script

We are proud of the outcome! In a short span, we came up with a diverse batch of motion graphics that not only fit the brand but also ELEVATED the speakers' stories.

Thanks for scrolling :)

Director &video creator: Eli Znaty
Editing: Amir Kutigaro
Videography: Antony Hatuel & Eli Znaty
Content & Interviewe: Shosi Davis
Art Direction: Gilad Ben Hayon
Design, Illustration & Motion: Maayan Erlich & Or Drori
Production: Eli Znaty