Intro to Appcharge

Appcharge is a platform empowering game developers by providing control over the backend of their games. This platform eliminates third-party commissions on in-app purchases, allowing direct transactions between users and developers.

I was commissioned to create an engaging video explaining the key principles of the Appcharge platform – essentially, an elaborate dynamic presentation. The challenge arose when applying this to a poker game app, which differed significantly in design from the Appcharge brand.

Early Style-frame Design

Navigating the contrasting design elements required finding a harmonious middle ground. I streamlined this process by gradually building the interface through a demonstration of Appcharge's app builder. This involved incorporating elements from Appcharge's brand guidelines and seamlessly transforming them into the poker app's style.

To enhance the video's visual appeal, I introduced an additional layer – the electric grid. This recurring element served as a unifying thread, subtly revealing itself during transitions and tying together various tiles and components featured in the video. The electric grid acted as a structural framework, akin to a skeleton, upon which the entire video was built.

Appcharge's Color Pallet

Once the overall flow was established, I focused on ensuring smooth playability in a loop, while meticulously layering in music and sound effects to maintain continuity. The end result is a concise yet informative video that not only met the project's requirements but also pushed the boundaries of my creative expression to achieve a unique outcome. I am exceptionally pleased with the result, as it successfully combines functionality with creativity in a small loop video format.