Monday: The Future of Work

A collaboration with Motion Designer Maayan Erlich

Teaming up with, we were asked to to add little animations, motion shots and sequences to three videos exploring the future of work for their annual event, "Elevate23".

Our creative process stated by dissecting the spoken content, highlighting visually striking words.

Storyboarding was rapid and enjoyable, sifting through many ideas and sketching out the coolest ones. From there, we dove into design, crafting animation guidelines on the fly in Illustrator.

Animation Test:

Always mindful of the "Elevate23" vibe, we distilled each idea into simple shapes, a fascinating process of shedding unnecessary details. Not every design or animation made the final cut; some were a bit too wild or off-brand:

We are proud of the outcome! In a short span, we came up with a diverse batch of motion graphics that not only fit the brand but also ELEVATED the speakers' stories.

Thanks for scrolling :)

Director &video creator: Eli Znaty
Editing: Amir Kutigaro
Videography: Antony Hatuel & Eli Znaty
Content & Interviewe: Shosi Davis
Art Direction: Gilad Ben Hayon
Design, Illustration & Motion: Maayan Erlich & Or Drori
Production: Eli Znaty